Relief Request - AFD Mark Mead

Motion:   I make a motion to donate $5,000 to FF Mark Mead and family


Fire Specialist Mark Mead, who works at Station 42, has been helping his mother battle cancer for the last year.  He is the oldest in his family, and has taken it upon himself to handle all of his family’s issues lately, which includes many trips to his hometown.   He took off on FMLA to travel to his mother’s side recently after getting the news that she is in stage four cancer now and that she has very little time left.  The medical bills are far over 5,000, and the family is of modest means.  Including his many trips over this last year to see her, and the possible funeral upcoming funeral expenses, it will be substantially higher than this.

He is a great brother to all of us, and is always first to help anyone.  I move that we return the favor with financial help both to soften the financial blow and to let him and his family know that we’re in this together.  It would mean a lot to him.


Motion for $5,000

Motion maker: Mike Leone

Seconded by:  (                 )

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