Meeting: 4/01/2019

In attendance: T. Vocke, M. Wehmeyer, T. Mobley, K. Wade, M. Leone, T. Purcell

Meeting start: 1:03 pm

Only outstanding payment currently is for Sandoval family. Mitch is writing them a check today. (Note: relief for the general public, the standard donation is $1,000. We can always do more, but we start with that. When it’s our people, we are more liberal with the funds.)

T. Vocke explained to the new board members (K. Wade and T. Mobley) how motions to be voted on will go out and the standard donation amounts.

Leone will change K. Wade’s email address to the proper address so she gets emails.

Leone will work with Eboard to make an info sheet about for the stations. VP’s (depending on what the Eboard decides) could possibly bring these to the stations to hang up in visible areas.

IAFF Center for Excellence talk. Center just for FF’s with PTSD. Sequestered for 30-45 days. Question: would we allow it to remain confidential, or would we require their name, or would the 975 eboard’s submission of their receipts be enough? Bob Nicks popped in to answer questions. First question: How are we identifying these people who need to be sent to the Center for Excellence. On the member we just sent, peer support was the point of contact, Bob wrote her a check from ‘

3 categories of expenses:

  1. Travel back and forth (not covered by insurance or IAFF)
  2. housing (covered by IAFF)
  3. medical charge

Most people $3,000-5,000 out of pocket. Bob suggested R&O could donate $2,000 to go towards expenses not covered by IAFF or the member’s insurance.

Peer support would be the point of contact to Bob. Bob would verify that the person would be going to Peer Support Group.

We need to schedule a meeting with Dana to ask our questions and address concerns.

Fishing Tournament: We are not doing the fishing tournament this year. We ARE doing it next year. T. Purcell is still getting calls from sponsors, and he will refer them to T. Vocke to speak directly regarding donations.

Golf Tournament: Meeting April 10, 1:00. First official meeting for 2019. Golf Tournament Oct. 14, 1:00 tee time at Onion Creek.

K. Wade asked if we have a budget to allocate spending. T. Vocke explained that we do not, due to our expenses being based largely on demand. T. Purcell stated his concern with having too rigid of a budget, instead of remaining flexible. K. Wade asked how we determine the amount (other than the donation guidelines). T. Purcell explained that the guidelines are a start, and we determine if the amount will actually positively impact the person, and if not someone will make a motion for an donation above that amount in the guidlines.

San Jacinto Night update: T. Vocke made a motion to allocate to Kristen $300 for additional items to purchase for the auction. T. Purcell made an amendment to increase it to $500. Motion approved unanimously. She agreed to purchase items, save receipts and get reimbursed.

Next meeting: June 5th at 1pm.

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