Meeting: 7/11/2019

In attendance: T. Vocke, T. Lafuente, M. Leone, K. Wade, M. Leone, T. Purcell

Meeting start: 1:12 pm

Motion to have Tim Olson access to mail and checks to assist with administrative duties. Motion maker: T. Purcell, Seconded by T. Lafuente

$8,000 from Webber family donation. The family had requested that $5,000 go to Kira Church, and $3,000 go to Peer Support.

B. Nicks suggested starting a program where AFA 975 pays for members to travel to the Center for Excellence (PTSD treatment/rehab) and the AFROF would automatically reimburse. T. Vocke suggested that we should handle these issues on a case-by-case basis, and explained a possible pitfall (becoming the “rehab fund”)

Motion to reimburse AFA 975 $906.00 for a member’s expenses that were paid by AFA. Motion maker: T. Purcell, Seconded by T. Lafuente

San Jacinto made a little over $5000 for auction. Siddons-Martin signed on again as underwriters for next year. They previously signed for 3 year commitments, and now sign up on a yearly basis.

Golf Scramble update Oct. 13, Onion Creek. Tee time: 1pm. Reaching out to sponsors from last year and new potential sponsors. Doing the same thing as last year: trying to get as many fire stations participate. Goal: 18 fire stations. $1800 per team, includes golf, barbecue, drink tickets. Need help getting the word out to fire stations. This year adding a golf ball launcher. Kristen needs $650 to reserve it for a day. Hoping to get a sponsor to pay for this so the participants wouldn’t have to pay per use.

Todd Purcell suggested rain insurance for the golf scramble event. Todd will send Kristen the insurance information.

T. Vocke suggested a HOTWIRE announcement to let members know about the Golf Scramble event.

Motion to cover the $650 ball launcher. Motion maker: T. Vocke, Seconded by T. Purcell

Website: Online Golf Registrations deadline on August 1.

Discussion on payroll deductions vs. combined charities. 13-19% for combined charities fees. K. Wade asked what to do with the payroll deduction forms after they are filled out. The answer is they have to get back to the union hall for entry & safe keeping.

Next meeting: September 4 at 1:00pm. Tentative location: AFA Union Hall

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