Meeting: 9/4/2019

In attendance: T. Vocke, M. Wehmeyer, M. Leone, K. Wade, B. Nicks, P. Amin, T. Purcell

Meeting start: 1:05 pm

Tim finished the Golf Deposits.

Email hack should be taken care of, all passwords have been changed to very strong passwords, and the emails are forwarded to everyone’s preferred email.

Premal went over financials and account balances.

End of year payroll deduction push. Premal also talked about going on station visits for payroll deductions for R&O. All in attendance agreed with this.

Denzer sent the request for Matt Simpson. Did not specify amount and the board agreed on the amount of $1,000.

Skylar sent a notification to look into Abel Garcia. (APD guy)

M.W.. Bob has already spent about $839 on the hotel for the family out of 975 funds. Some expenses for family. Carrie spent approximately $1842 for scene cleanup out of pocket. The family is also receiving a check from the Benevolent Fund for about $14,000 (It depends on the number of firefighters in the fund at this time).

Motion: (Tom, seconded by Premal) To reimburse Carrie Steward $1842 for cleanup cost, Local 975 $839 for hotel costs and reimburse money family spent on flights, up to $1,250 for additional expenses they may incur.

Motion: (Tom, seconded by Premal) To give $1,000 for Abel Garcia (APD).

$3,000 to Jennifer Askew. and we will deliver the check to the family at their Top Golf fundraiser on Sunday 1-4pm.

Golf tournament. All the sponsorships sold except for 2. Meeting on Tuesday. Still looking at “rain-out” insurance. Kristen is looking into what we would promise to the participants if it rained. $650 for $20,000 reimbursement. If it rains 1/2″ in two hours. 25 golf teams so far, and the max is 36.

Kristen has had a lot of resistance with pushing out the Golf Event through AFD Intranet. Kristen is meeting tomorrow with Chief Baker about it.

Next meeting: November 6 at 1:00 pm. at the Union Hall. The October 14th meeting will be at the Golf Course.

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