2020 Relief Requests & Donations

3/1/20: Hernandez Family - $1,500

Motion:  I am requesting $1500 for the Hernandez family.  (Story below from form submission) 

There was a mobile home fire in south Austin on Saturday afternoon. The residents are a mom 50 you with 21 you daughter and two other daughters 16 and 11. The father passed away 12 years ago and the fire destroyed everything they own minus the clothes they are wearing. The trailer was a total loss and they have no place to stay or clothes or food. The school uniforms and backpacks were lost and the family is getting some help from Red Cross. Station 20 got two new backpacks for younger kids but they are in need of so much more. I am in contact with a Red Cross member who has their contact info. Please let me know if you need more background. Side note the 12 year old had a school issued computer that was melted in her burnt backpack and she is worried about getting in trouble so engine 20 will be making a visit to school on Monday to seek assistance from their resources as well. Thanks Bruce Mayo. E20-A

Motion for $1500.00

Motion maker: Tom Vocke

Seconded by:  Premal Amin