Relief Request - AFD Dave & Lisa Neal - $5,000

Motion:   I make a motion to donate $5,000 to FF Dave Neal’s family to assist with medical bills.

Board,  I am requesting $5,000 for the family of Dave Neal, FF at station 40.  His wife Lisa was diagnosed with Cryptogenic Liver Disease, and the battle has been taxing on the family.  She got down to almost 100 pounds.  Their out-of-pocket bills are already over $10,000 (I have seen the bills) as she was hospitalized for a long time.  On top of all this,  she lost her good job while off sick and now Dave is the sole earner for the family.  He has never asked for anything, is a great firefighter and brother, and could really use the help.  Thanks.

Motion for $5,000

Motion maker: Mike Leone

Seconded by:  Kristen Wade

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