Relief Request - Doug Dedear - $5,000


I, Tommy Mobley make a motion that the AFROF fund give FF Doug Dedear $10,000 to help offset medical expenses during his fight with this aggressive brain cancer, with the funds coming from the Scramble against cancer monies.     


Hi Board,
I have spoke with Ethan Dedear (Doug’s son), and they have agreed and would like for the money from the GoFund account to be donated to the Scramble Cancer fund on behalf of Doug. The positive is it will save Doug on income taxes, the main negative, and it has been explained very clearly to the family is the max that we will give him is $25k per calendar year. They understand this, and would like to move forward with it.
 Doug was taken for seizure meds, and then had a seizure on Tuesday. 911 was called and he was transported. Medical expenses are starting to add up for him now, and another kick to the butt, is Doug’s wife has medical issues and expenses also! I have spoke with Bob, and he was agree to help Doug with HR and all the insurance stuff, to make sure things are getting paid by the insurance company like they should. Thanks Bob for the help!! 
Doug was decided to move forward with Chemo and Radiation to try and slow down this aggressive brain cancer, per the advice of several doctors. Not sure of the date that this treatment will start, but it sounds like it will be started fairly quick. With expenses mounting up, and Doug not being able to work anymore, I would like to get Doug $10k now, with it coming from the Cancer fund. I am hoping this will be enough for now, to help ease the worry about getting his treatments that he is trying to do. Some of the alternative treatments are not covered by insurance, plus the normal insurance expenses. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that Bob will have some luck with HR with some of the coverage too!!  My thought with all this is, if y’all  approve the $10K this will allow us a little time to get the GoFund me funds moved over to the Relief and outreach fund. FYI the GoFund me account for Doug is at a little of $35K. So I hope I have explained my thoughts well enough for you to understand, and I would like to make a motion. If I am correct. after the motion is made we need to have a discussion period. Can someone set this up? 

Motion for $10,000

Motion maker: Tommy Mobley

Seconded by:  Bob Nicks