Relief Request - Daniel Chappell- $2,200


We have a request that was submitted by Tom Madison for a lift chair for a young man that lives on North Lamar that has difficulty standing and moving. He has required a ton help from AFD and our FF’s are glad to help. However, they have set up a plan to help restore some independence for him. The solution is a lift chair and Tom Madison found one and will take care of getting it to him. 

My ask would be that we cover the estimated $2200.00 dollars for the chair, in return the money in the go fund me account would then be donated to the fund to offset some of the cost. I think the sooner we can do this the better if you all agree. The GFM currently has around $700in it.

Motion for funds to donate $2,200 for a chair for Daniel Chappell, with the condition that the money from the Gofundme account would be donated back to the Relief and Outreach fund.

Motion maker: Tom Vocke

Seconded by:  Kristen Wade

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