Relief Request - AFD Chase & Lizzie Ashcroft - $5,000

Motion:   I make a motion to donate $5,000 to FF Chase Ashcroft and family to assist with medical bills.

Board,  I am requesting $5,000 for the family of Chase Ashcroft, FF at station 17 and his wife Lizzie.  They are good friends and after a long and arduous pregnancy were told their infant would have down syndrome and a serious heart defect.  They were told the baby would need open heart surgery as soon as she was born.  They had mentally and emotionally prepared for all of  this and were in good spirits.  Lizzie was getting checkups up to 4x weekly with her OBGYN and various specialists.  Lizzie was a couple weeks from being due, and went to the hospital concerned because she felt abnormal.  During the check, there was no heartbeat.  After this news, they induced and after labor, their little girl Lanie was stillborn.  Chase and Lizzie were devastated and are still recovering  from their loss in their own ways while trying to raise their three-year old.  Their medical bills, as well as  funeral bills , total more than $5,000.  I would ask the board to help alleviate at least the financial hit for these two.  Thanks.

Motion for $5,000

Motion maker: Mike Leone

Seconded by:  Tom Vocke

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