Relief Request - AFD Chase & Lizzie Ashcroft - $5,000

Motion:   I make a motion to donate $5,000 to FF Antoine Hobbs and family

Brothers & Sisters,

 I’m writing this email with tears in my eyes because Covid-19 has really hit my family hard here in the last month. My dad, step mom, grandma, aunt, cousin all have contracted the virus. My dad is a pastor and was invited to a church in Atlanta for a revival. He was unsure about going, but decided to go anyway and everyone else Followed in support. While in Atlanta, he was praying for another member of that church and was in close proximity (touching) that was ill, but wasn’t sure it was Covid. Well my dad found out the next day as they drove back to Texas the person did in fact have covid. Everyone in the car was already exposed and everyone contracted the virus.

 Fast forward a month later, my Grandmother died from the virus this past Sunday and my dad is on life support right now. He developed ARDS. My step mother has recovered, but is struggling. Everyone else symptoms were flu like, but not as bad as my Grandmother and Dad. My dad has no previous underlying illnesses.

 My step mother was furloughed from her job and now at this point my dad hasn’t worked in over a month and they need help. I’m helping the best I can. I’m coming to everyone humbly and slightly ashamed to even send a request for help, but I was reminded by a few friends, “it’s what we do”. With all that said, my family simply needs help keeping a roof over their heads and the pure basic necessities at this point. My dad does have life insurance, but doesn’t have short-term/long term disability Benefits. He’s a contractor so his work has 100% stopped. Anything helps at this point and my family would be forever grateful.

 Please take care of yourself regardless of what you think the virus is, no one wants to deal with this.




Motion for $5,000

Motion maker: Tom Vocke

Seconded by:  Premal Amin

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