2019 Relief Requests & Donations

12/06/19: Abernathy / Higgins

Tommy put in a request for Mike Abernathy’s sister’s house that burned up in a fire on Thursday, Dec. 5.  The house is a total loss.  Her husband is a Ft. Worth firefighter.  They have insurance but there will be a delay to get the settlement.  They also need to rebuy Christmas presents that were lost in the fire.  

Tommy Mobley made a motion for $1,500 for the family.

Motion for $1,500 for Lindsey Higgins and family.

Motion maker: Tommy Mobley

Seconded by: Tom Vocke

12/05/19: Michelle Wilson - $1,000

Board.  Alissa Rose  submitted a relief request for  her mother (civilian), Michelle Wilson.  Listed as type of assistance needed:  Clothes for 5 children and 2 adults.  They are not temporarily displaced from their home.  

Tom Vocke made a motion for $1,000 for the family

Motion for $1,000 for Michelle Wilson and family

Motion maker: Tom Vocke

Seconded by: Premal Amin

11/15/19: Silas Boling & Family - $1,000

Board, Lynn Eichler put in a request for aid for Silas Boling Sta. 10B.   His wife is in the hospital with a brain aneurism.  They have kids, and he is now having to take care of and other unforseen expenses.  I would like to make a motion for $1,000 at this time.

Motion for $1,000 for Silas Boling and family

Motion maker: Pat Sconci

Seconded by: Mike Leone

11/15/19: Lanier Family - $2,000


I spoke with both Chris Qualls, the Austin Firefighter who made this request and with Blake Lanier. Blake has will be experiencing unanticipated medical expenses due to his son’s recent diagnosis.

I move a 2k contribution to Blake Lanier, as a start.

Also, at Blake’s request, I will be contacting COA HR to help him go over his medical expenses to ensure he is only paying what is required.  


Motion: To make a $2,000 contribution to Blake Lanier, as a start.

Motion maker: Bob Nicks

Seconded by: Kristen Wade

11/15/19: Jeremy Burke & Family - $3,000


I received a text yesterday from Jeremy asking for my help.  Around 3 pm they took their son (Liam) to an Urgent care for the 2nd time in a week because they could not get his fever down, when they went this time they checked his lungs and was diagnosed with pneumonia and pleural effusion (liquid around lungs), they were sent to Dell Children’s Hospital directly from Urgent Care.  I went to Dell Hospital and was with them from 6 pm onward.  He was in the ER till 10pm, and has been admitted.  They are going to have to do a small operation and start the drainage process as he has mucus and water around the lungs.  They will have to be there at least 3-4 days.  On top of all this Jeremy had revision surgery on his back on Oct 18, which was NOT covered under Workers Comp, so he had to get to his $4000 out of pocket and now another $4000 put of pocket.  Some of the meds Jeremy is on took longer to get approved via insurance so they had to pay out of pocket for that as well.

I make a motion that we offer the max and try and cover at least Liam’s Out of Pocket Insurance, as Jeremy will be out of work till April.

Motion for $3,000 for Jeremy Burke & family

Motion maker: Premal Amin

Seconded by: Mike Leone

10/9/19: FAmily of H. Craighead - $3,000

Current ATCEMS Medic Holly Craighead had critical event occur with her family. The family’s home caught fire. Her father was killed in the fire and her mother was being treated for medical related to the incident. Carrie Stewart has reached out to Holly and identifed some potential needs. Typically for Austin area responders we have done between 1k and 3k. If someone would like to make a motion. 

Motion for $3,000 for Holly Craighead & family

Motion maker: Bob Nicks

Seconded by: Mitch Wehmeyer

9/9/19: FAmily of Mike White- $2,931, up to 3,931

 To reimburse Carrie Steward $1842 for cleanup cost, Local 975 $839 for hotel costs and reimburse money family spent on flights, up to $1,250 for additional expenses they may incur.

Motion for $2,931, up to $3,931.

Motion maker: Tom Vocke

Seconded by: Premal

5/14/19: Brandon Jennings- $1,000

Board I would like to submit a request for a donation for Brandon Jennings, who’s wife recently had lung surgery.

Motion for $1000.00

Motion maker: Alyson DeMaio

Seconded by: Tom Vocke

5/14/19: Chris Laferre Family - $351.62

Motion:  I am requesting reimbursement for two dinners and paper goods for the family of Chris Lafferre.  (The receipts were turned it).  Dinners are being donated by our fire family until March 1, 2020.  

Motion for $351.62

Motion maker: Kristen Wade

Seconded by:  Premal Amin

5/14/19: Chris Askew- $3,000

Board I would like to submit a request for the maximum donation for Lt. Chris Askew ‘s family.  He was from Westlake Fire Department, and has passed away from cancer. 

Motion for $3000.00

Motion maker: Bob Nicks

Seconded by: Tom Vocke

3/28/19: Angel Sandoval- $1,000

Board I would like to submit a request for $1000.00 for Angel Sandoval and her two duaghters. I followed up with the Seton social worker that submitted the claim. The family lost everything and the 15 yo daughter suffered smoke inhalation going back into save thier dog.

Motion for $1000.00

Motion maker: Tom Vocke

Seconded by: Pat Sconci

Relief Request Link: Form not used, Emailed to Board

1/29/19: Rusty Grice- $1,000

I would like to request that the AFA Relief and Outreach Fund consider a monetary gift to Rusty Grice from the San Marcos Marshal’s Department.

Last year (November 2018), Rusty was diagnosed with stage 1 thyroid cancer. Rusty is currently working for the City of San Marcos as a police officer, fire investigator, and a medic. Rusty had a full thyroidectomy on January 9th to remove the cancer in his thyroid.

It is Rusty’s doctor’s belief that his thyroid cancer is a direct result of his workplace related duties from being a City of San Marcos arson investigator.  At this time it is unknown what type of support the City is providing Rusty.  I’ve put Rusty in contact with Carrie Stewart who has been walking him through the Worker Comp portion…hopefully he won’t be sued by his City as Carrie was.         

Rusty is the sole provider for his two children and as a result of being off for the surgery his life/medical bills are starting to pile up.  One of Rusty’s co-worker has started a go fund me account for him, but it has not accumulated too much as of this date.  Rusty’s out of pocket expenses are estimated at 5 thousand dollars to date.  His surgery was on January 9th and his City insurance started over on January 1st which means he has to hit his deductible before his insurance will kick in.   

If funds are granted I would be happy to deliver them on behalf of the outreach.  I’ve known Rusty for 10 years and he is a hard worker.  He is usually the one donating money to situations like this or offering his time for those in need.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in the matter.


Greg Pope

Ed Services (Captain in limbo as of right now)

512-626-0173 cell 

1/17/19: Eugene Ramon - $1,000

We received a request for funds for a civilian employee of AFD, Eugene Ramon, brother of AFD Fire Specialist Andy Ramon.

Eugene’s 6 year old son Tomas was found to have a brain tumor. He went through surgery Monday.

Motion for $1000.00

Motion maker: Tom Vocke

Seconded by: Bob Nicks